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Warehouse services are at the heart of your eCommerce business. Ensure your products are stored properly and strategically with a warehousing and fulfilment provider that treats your products like their own.

Parcel iT Fulfilment is primarily a fulfilment warehouse, providing expert logistics and warehousing services. We provide inventory storage, so there is overlap in our 3PL facility with other types of warehousing.

What Are Warehouse Services?

Warehouse services could be simple storage of goods (warehousing). Or companies — like Red Stag Fulfillment — can offer logistics, kitting, and inventory management. Picking, packing, shipping, and storage are each an example of a warehouse service.

It’s crucial to find a warehouse that offers all the warehousing services you need.

What Are the Different Types of Warehouses?

There are three types of warehouses: fulfilment, storage, and distribution. Many of these facilities don’t fall strictly into only one of these categories.

Fulfilment Warehousing

A fulfilment warehouse provides third-party logistics services. ECommerce companies ship inventory to the facility. Warehouse services include storage and order fulfilment. Many fulfilment warehouse companies offer additional services such as inventory management and product customization. Logistics warehouses receive products and ship out orders. Most 3PL warehouses serve multiple clients.

Storage Warehousing

A storage warehouse is primarily for the storage of materials and goods. A government agency might use a storage warehouse to hold seasonal equipment when it’s not needed. A law firm could send old paper files to a storage warehouse for archiving. A storage warehouse may have one client or many.

Distribution Warehousing

Distribution warehouses receive goods in bulk. A distribution warehouse may be a transfer point in multi-modal transport. Some distribution centers redistribute the products they receive. Grocery chains use regional distribution centers to receive bulk deliveries from suppliers. The distribution center packs assortments of products onto outbound trucks for delivery to individual supermarket locations. A distribution center may service just one company or many.

What To Consider When You Choose A Warehouse

When you choose a third-party logistics warehouse for your eCommerce company, you’re making a choice that can have a significant impact on your business. Fast, accurate fulfilment and shipping can win you repeat customers. On the flip side, mis-picks and shipping errors can cost you customer service time and negative reviews.

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