Warehouse Kitting Services

Our kitting services let you sell personalized products and still outsource your order fulfilment. Our experienced staff provides reliable kitting services and light assembly. You get to create kits that add value to your product line without tying up a lot of inventory.

Parcel iT Fulfilment Can Complete Light Assembly and Kitting Right in Our Fulfilment Warehouses.

What Is Kitting and Light Assembly?

Parcel iT Fulfilment can add labels or tags, combine products into a kit with a new SKU, add custom lettering or numbers, and assemble parts before shipping. We can also un-kit items and return them to their original SKUs. This allows you to keep your inventory flexible to meet demand.

Meet Customer Demands by Creating Appealing and Useful Kits That Make Shopping Easy. Fulfilment Kitting Services Will Help You Increase Your Ecommerce Sales and Revenue.

Give your business some logistical relief

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Who Needs Warehouse Kitting Services?

If you want to sell subscription boxes, our warehouse kitting services can kit your boxes and ship them to your subscribers.

Warehouse kitting allows you to create appealing gift sets for the holidays. Ship components from different manufacturers to our eCommerce fulfilment warehouse and we will do the light assembly needed before shipping. We can also add product labels and package inserts.

With Product Assembly Fulfilment Services from Parcel iT Fulfilment, Your Business Expansion Possibilities Are Endless.

Kitting & Assembly Services:

Subscription Boxes and Kits

Light Assembly in The Warehouse

Add Value with Kitting Services

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