RE-CLOSABLE BAG 40mm x 40mm x 40mic (100 per bag)
Clear, Plastic

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Pack Dimensions:
110mm x 50mm x 20mm


Comes in Bags of 100x or a Box of 1000x

  • 25mmx25mm
  • 40mmx40mm
  • 40mmx60mm
  • 50mmx70mm
  • 65mmx80mm
  • 65mmx85mm
  • 80mmx100mm
  • 80mmx120mm
  • 100mmx150mm
  • 100mmx110mm
  • 150mmx180mm
  • 120mmx180mm
  • 150mmx250mm
  • 220mmx250mm
  • 200mmx200mm
  • 305mmx420mm
  • 250mmx360mm
  • 215mmx315mm

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Zip Lock Bags

100mmx110mm Bag of 100x, 100mmx110mm Box of 1000x, 100mmx150mm Bag of 100x, 100mmx150mm Box of 1000x, 120mmx180mm Bag of 100x, 120mmx180mm Box of 1000x, 150mmx180mm Bag of 100x, 150mmx180mm Box of 1000x, 150mmx250mm Bag of 100x, 150mmx250mm Box of 1000x, 200mmx200mm Bag of 100x, 200mmx200mm Box of 1000x, 215mmx315mm Bag of 100x, 215mmx315mm Box of 1000x, 220mmx250mm Bag of 100x, 220mmx250mm Box of 1000x, 250mmx360mm Bag of 100x, 250mmx360mm Box of 1000x, 25mmx25mm Bag of 100x, 25mmx25mm Box of 1000x, 305mmx420mm Bag of 100x, 305mmx420mm Box of 1000x, 40mmx40mm Bag of 100x, 40mmx40mm Box of 1000x, 40mmx60mm Bag of 100x, 40mmx60mm Box of 1000x, 50mmx70mm Bag of 100x, 50mmx70mm Box of 1000x, 65mmx80mm Bag of 100x, 65mmx80mm Box of 1000x, 65mmx85mm Bag of 100x, 65mmx85mm Box of 1000x, 80mmx100mm Bag of 100x, 80mmx100mm Box of 1000x, 80mmx120mm Bag of 100x, 80mmx120mm Box of 1000x