Pallet Wrap 10MIC

Roll size:
110mm dia x 450mm
Box weight:
2 kg


Pallet Wrap 20MIC

Roll size:
140mm dia x 450mm

Roll weight:
3.8 kg





Can be used for combining multiple items on a pallet or instead of placing items into a box.

Pallet Wrap 10MIC 400m x 450mm x 10mic

Pallet Wrap 13MIC 400m x 450mm x 13mic

Pallet Wrap 15MIC 400m x 450mm x 15mic

Pallet Wrap 17MIC 400m x 450mm x 17mic

Pallet Wrap 20MIC 400m x 450mm x 20mic


Additional information

Pallet Wrap

10 MIC, 13 MIC, 15 MIC, 17 MIC, 20 MIC