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Geami Wrappak® High Volume

The wrapping system for a high volume packaging environment

The Geami WrapPak® HV is ideal in high volume packaging environments. As it is an electronically operated converter, the system can significantly improve wrapping speed and overall packing throughput.

For instance, e-commerce environments where the main goal is to maximise packing throughput while offering customers an exciting unboxing experience.

Geami WrapPak® is the combination of a patented die cut kraft paper with a tissue interleaf paper. The Geami WrapPak High Volume converter expands the die cut paper to a 3D honeycomb structure providing a unique wrapping product. By locking the angled cells together, items are securely wrapped and no tape is needed. The converter can be placed at any packing station where individual items are packed using a protective wrap


Perfect in-the-box presentation enhances the customer’s unpacking experience

Time Savings

The Geami Wrappak High Volume improves wrapping speed and overall packing throughput

Void fill

Void fill is used to protect products from damage by filling the excess space in the shipping box.  This prevents the items inside from moving or breaking during shipping.

Void fill functions include top fill and side fill and combined protection.

Fillpak TT

The Fillpak Table Top is a high speed, on-demand solution to filling boxes in pack station environments

Fillpak table top converters form single layer kraft paper into a high volume star-shaped paper configuration, which can be used as an effective filling material. It prevents products from shifting around in their box, ensuring damage-free arrival at the end destination. The converter runs at high speed, is compact and easy to integrate into every packing environment.