Let Parcel iT Fulfilment Support Your Multichannel Sales and Ecommerce Fulfilment

To succeed in eCommerce today, you need to sell on multiple platforms. You shouldn’t have to choose between Amazon Marketplace, Takealot, Oneday Only, Makro, Leroy Merlin, Bid or Buy, or your website.

You should be able to sell on these platforms and others and manage all your sales channels seamlessly in one place. To do this, you need omnichannel fulfilment.

Omnichannel Fulfilment Explained

Parcel iT Fulfilment allows your eCommerce business to sell across any and every channel you want while collecting orders and filling them from one set of inventory. By integrating with leading tech platforms and sales services, all orders are centralized and brought together. Every customer gets what they pay for, and you get a unified understanding of customers, sales, and much more.

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A few of the Marketplace Platforms we integrate with

It’s one fulfilment platform to rule them all.

Omnichannel fulfilment ensures that all purchases from customers are brought into a single management platform for order fulfilment. This platform covers direct shipments to end-customers and stores plus wholesaler partners, or shipments to physical stores if you have them and want to offer in-store pickup for customers. 

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