Inventory Planning with Growth and success in mind

Miscalculating demand forecasting in inventory management can leave you short during a busy sales period. However, holding too much stock, particularly slow-moving inventory, ties up capital and makes it harder to respond. With our inventory planning services, we’ll help you figure it out.

Inventory Planning Is One Of The Biggest Challenges An Ecommerce Business Faces. Parcel iT Fulfilment Provides Inventory Planning Assistance And Flexible Inventory Management For All Our Clients.

Why Is Inventory Planning Important?

Inventory planning allows you to learn more about your customers and products, better matching sales with the inventory you keep on hand. It’s a smart tool for delivering a consistent eCommerce ROI because it helps you control multiple costs. Planning and forecasts minimize the chances that you run out of stock and lose customers. You’ll also discover opportunities to lower inventory volumes for slow-moving inventory. Reducing excess inventory frees up your cash and optimizes revenue for products by reducing their storage costs.

Parcel iT can help you analyze sales as part of inventory planning. We also offer multiple warehouse locations to help you stage the right inventory closest to your customers, reducing fulfilment costs and speeding up delivery times.

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How Can Inventory Planning Save Your BusinessMoney?

Inventory planning helps your business control a variety of expenses including the management and reduction of slow-moving inventory. These are the products that haven’t shipped out in a while and whose storage costs might be eating into your revenue. In the eCommerce world, slow-moving can be something that doesn’t get ordered in a matter of weeks or across months.

What’s important for your business is understanding when these SKUs start costing you more for storage than they generate in sales and overall order value.

Parcel iT experts can help you run the right inventory planning analytics to assess current stock and make demand forecasts based on past data. You’ll get help understanding how much inventory to carry and if you might be able to reduce your resupply rates to optimize overall spend, while still having products ready for customers.

Inventory planning done right can prepare you to fill orders while reducing inventory expenses.

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