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eCommerce Website, Fulfilment & Distribution Package


Lease an eCommerce website and sell your products online, Parcelit will build, market, warehouse and distribute your brand throughout South Africa.

The Most Cost Effective eCommerce & Fulfilment Business Package

Parcelit provides a service that integrates eCommerce, Marketing and warehousing under one umbrella, providing you with the freedom to operate from anywhere in South Africa, with efficiency and quality assurance throughout your experience here at Parcelit. We provide you with a dependable service that you can rely on.

Parcelit will Design and Development a HIGH QUALITY eCommerce platform using Shopify, or WooCommerce.

All our eCommerce website are integrated with Bidorbuy and Price Check and we manage and fulfill all your products and orders on multiple store fronts and online marketplaces in one central place.

Parcelit interrogation with uAfrica courier quoting system,will get you the best possible delivery fee for your eCommerce website saving you money on courier cost.

With our eCommerce rental options for small or large business this eliminates the once off HIGH cost of an eCommerce website and you can focus more of your budget on your Products or Marketing.

Our website rental option offers a fill functional eCommerce website that is secure and offers multiple payment options and is up to Google standards to get optimal website QUALITY SCORE and to decrease your Pay Per Click (PPC) on your Google ad campaigns.


Lease an eCommerce Website Package From: R3500.00 pm

Package Includes: 

eCommerce Website Design & Development.

  • The designed and development of eCommerce website are build on the following platforms Shopify, or WooCommerce.

Setup & Integration of Payment Gateways.

  • Intergration of PayFast  into eCommerce website to accept Debit Card & Credit Card Transactions plus other payment methods.

Setup & Integration of Courier Fees.  

  • Setup and integrate courier fees into the eCommerce website.

Product’s uploaded to website.

  • Includes 100 product items SKU,  (R5 per SKU added thereafter)

Monthly Website Maintenance.

  • Running eCommerce website updates
  • Adding or removing of new or old products to eCommerce website includes 50x SKU per month. (R5 per SKU added thereafter)
  • Maintaining website content and updating website content to increase Google quality score.

Monthly Google Ad Campaign Maintenance.

  • Monthly Keyword research.
  • Creation of ad campaign.
  • Weekly maintenance on your Google ad campaign.
  • Maintaining your Google website quality score. 
  • Optimizing your google ad spend.

Google & Website Reporting

  • Google Campaign Reporting
  • Website Inventory Reporting

(The website theme design is on a lease term agremment and remains parcelit property)

Google Monthly Marketing Budget From: R3000.00 pm

Our in house Google PPC Specialist will make sure your business appears on Google front page and that your clicks turn into sales.

  • The Google ad budget is set your your preferred monthly marketing ad spend.
  • A minimum monthly budget of R3000.00 per month is required to run a successful monthly ad campaign (Giving you an ad spend of R100 per day over a 30 day month)

Fulfilment & Distribution From: R3500.00 pm

Run your business from anywhere in the WORLD! Parcelit will run and warehouse your eCommerce business and we will pick, pack and distribute your products throughout South Africa.

Custom-built shipping solution which helps online merchants to streamline their shipping and selling processes by providing access to multiple South African couriers on one platform.

  • Includes 100 SKU (R10 per SKU)
  • Include 5x m3 Storage (R100 per square metre based on 5 square meter increments)
  • Includes First 20x Orders Picked & Packed (R45 per order picked thereafter
  • Includes Dunnage, Bubble Wrap, Plastic Pallet Wrap and Tape
  • Includes smart courier quoting system (Smart bidding courier app uAfrica)
  • Includes inhouse parcel tracking to ensure delivery time to client.

Total Monthly Package From: R9999.99 pm*

There is also a YEARLY fee of R3500.00

*Price excludes box and delivery.

(The website theme design is on a lease term agremment and remains parcelit property)

Why Choose Us

Parcelit eCommerce fulfilment specialists provides scalable outsourced eCommerce warehousing and Fulilment for small and large online business.

Rent an eCommerce website and sell your products online, Parcelit will build, market, warehouse and distribute your brand throughout South Africa.