B2B – Business to Business  Fulfilment & Delivery

What Is B2B Order Fulfillment? B2B order fulfillment services deal with the delivery of goods from business to business. In other words, they transport large, bulk shipments to a recipient company. These services allow businesses to store materials they require to carry out day-to-day activities ahead of time.

An ECommerce B2B 3PL fulfillment provider is a mouthful, but it boils down to a service ships products from one business to another. The ECommerce company sells their products to other businesses and the 3PL simply ensures order move quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

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What is B2B 3PL Order Fulfilment?

B2B (business-to-business) 3PL order fulfillment is the process of having a partner that ships your orders to business customers. Among the most common types of B2B fulfillment is shipping wholesale orders, which ship to retailers for resale to consumers. Some B2B warehouses operate more like distribution centers than traditional logistics companies.

However, wholesale orders are just one part of a B2B 3PL’s efforts. For example, your company will likely make bulk orders of supplies they need for their operations. In this case, the 3PL would break down freight into smaller (but still large) quantities of products and send these to your location. If you buy a wide range of office supplies, for example, the B2B 3PL serving the seller could combine all those small orders into a single container or freight shipment and get it to your HQ.

The B2B aspect of these shipments also applies for smaller orders. You might just get a few cases of sanitizer or office snacks each month. These shipments would look like a normal eCommerce order that anyone could expect on their doorstep at home.

However, you’ll want a B2B 3PL to handle these to ensure that they select a carrier product that delivers during business hours. You wouldn’t want a box supplies sitting outside an office all weekend long.

A B2B 3PL lets you outsource a critical segment of your supply chain. Your B2B order fulfillment provider can handle the burdensome requirements of wholesale or business delivery like a pro. That gives you the confidence to pursue wholesale accounts with companies that can turn your business into a big success.

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Does Your ECommerce Business Need A B2B 3PL?

Does your eCommerce company need specialized B2B 3PL fulfillment? That depends on your customer mix. If you ship mostly to consumers, you probably need a traditional third-party logistics service.

Perhaps you ship a few wholesale orders a month to small shops. In that case, you might not need a warehouse that specializes in B2B fulfillment. Small stores aren’t likely to have strict inbound freight requirements like big-box retailers do. And, if your products are small, your wholesale orders can ship via a common carrier. In this case, your B2C fulfillment center can probably handle this B2B fulfillment.

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